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Jayde Piot has been trained in numerous spiritual healing and shamanic practices. She is the creator of “StarSeeds Chocolate” a unique line of organic Cacao products respecting tradition and synergy in the spirit of “Food is Medicine”. StarSeed Cacao Ceremonies & Journeys are a true gift for the heart, body & Soul!

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Shamanic Journeys Facilitators

Also known as the ‘Food of the Gods”, Cacao, or Yollotl Etzli “heart ‘s blood” is a sacred medicinal plant.

The Mayans and Aztecs used Cacao as a doorway to creativity, heightened aliveness, and connection to one’s heart and purpose. The ritual of a Cacao Ceremony puts us into a natural state of readiness and openness to create our life’s work!

A Cacao Ceremony is a Journey! As we work with the Spirit of Cacao, its medicine heals and awakens our Heart and Soul. The Cacao Spirit is often experienced as a feminine, Shakti energy - life giving, nourishing & energizing. She transports us to a realm of Love, expanded creativity and facilitates deep, clear connections to empower us to move on our own chosen Journey!

Ceremony & Journey

Opening Prayer Circle & Setting of Intentions

Receive StarSeeds’ Ceremonial Cacao Elixir alchemized into a tea made from Cacao, spices and herbs such as rose and vanilla

Guided Meditation with Singing Bowls

Sharing & Closing Prayer

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